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Blacx driver

BlacX Duet 5G HDD Docking Station-Dual Bays USB docking station. FAQ. Q. How do I connect the Thermaltake SuperSpeed Docking Station- BlacX 5G to my mac all in one? A: The BlacX 5G just need to connect it to PC USB port . BlacX A - Q. "Does the HDD Dock BlacX A compatible / support for windows 7? A: Yes, our Also, it's plug and play device so you don't need driver for it.

BlacX Duet HDD Docking Station - Dual Bays docking station. After numerous attempts to download a dated driver, windows 7 I believe this PNP has not really worked and had no problems with windows 8. would someone please let me know where I can get a driver for blacx thermaltake external - SATA- docking station for windows it was.

When I connect my Thermaltake Blacx hard drive docking station, my laptop installs but I can't find it anywhere. The safely remove hardware recognizes it and . Was a driver installed when you plugged in the external drive? . Thermaltake BlacX STU External Hard Drive SATA Enclosure Docking.]( That is what is it showing up as in device manager. I'm ready to update the. BlacX Duet 5G HDD Docking Station-Dual Bays USB docking station. Q. Is BlacX Duet will support Seagate Barracuda 2-TB SATA II HDD? Q. Does BlacX Duet support SSD SATA II (Solid-state drive) Hard drive? Q. Black Duet (in the connection HDD to Docking station) it’s not working properly because it doesn’t recognized the HDD.